Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My first tag...

Both Tian and Devry have tagged me. Oh, and it's Lester's fault too since she started the funny business. Actually I am overjoyed at writing this because it's a list and anyone who knows me will attest that I am INSANELY into lists.

i am - not the best at attending baby and bridal showers.

i think - pro sports is overrated.

i know - how to make people feel at ease.

i want - to swab my ears out everyday even though it will make me deaf.

i have - a delusion about how tall I am.

i wish - for three more wishes. Duh.

i hate - the seemingly permanent kink in my neck.

i miss - La Dolcezza, the fall, getting excited about Christmas.

i fear - being single forever...and....partially eaten by wild dogs.

i feel - anxious about my financial future.

i hear - my mom's voice inside my head.

i smell - the gluey copy machine smell of my office.

i search - for a way to eat what I want sans consequences.

i wonder - why people don't rollerskate anymore.

i regret - spending so much time switching my major in college.

i love - going to the movies in the middle of the day, reading, a clean bathroom.

i care - about women's rights in the middle east.

i always - check my email, lock the door, make my bed.

i am not - assertive or good at math.

i believe - that most people are good.

i dance - in the car.

i sing - everytime it's an Indigo Girls song.

i don't always - say morning prayers.

i write - and then refuse to re-write.

i win - if we're playing Dr. Mario.

i lose - too much hair in the shower, it's already getting thin!

i never - feel confident enough.

i listen - too seldom.

i can usually be found - at Toad's.

i'm scared - of SCORPIONS!

i read - novels and more novels and the occasional newspaper.

i'm happy about - my new shoes that cost me 20 bucks.

Now I'm supposed to tag more people (LD you're it!) but the people that I really want to tag claim that they aren't bloggers. Hmph. Instead I command Isabellarchery and Craig to answer three of the questions in a 'Comment'.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Pamchenko has her own vernacular. It is ingrained in me. For a long time I thought that everybody's mom called hair adornments 'hair-bobs'. Recently Super bought the girls some new 'hairbobs'. They were too fanciful even for my 28 year old self to resist.

There were new earrings to compliment the hair-bobs as well. Roo reported that she chose her earrings because they looked like blobs of frosting. Indeed, why not sweeten one's lobes with something sugary looking. Boo's earrings are pink tulips.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Pie Heaven

“When you die, if you get a choice between going to regular heaven or pie heaven, choose pie heaven. It might be a trick, but if not…mmmmm, boy!”
Jack Handey

The other day I commented to a friend that I have been trying to break into the pie scene for awhile now. My efforts haven't been entirely in vain and definitely haven't gone unnoticed. Big Daddy has very calmly fielded emails RE: PIE QUESTIONS that begged immediate responses - even though he's very busy and important. And as a Christmas gift LD bought me a membership to the very exclusive Pie of the Month Club. One of the perks of membership is that I receive a monthly post card that has original pie art on one side and a recipe on the other side. At the risk of seeming ungrateful, most of the recipes are too complicated for the likes of me. They call for double boilers and custards and multiple steps and such. But July brought a recipe for Strawberry 7Up pie that I could not resist. The crust and the filling called for generous doses of 7Up and Food that has soda in it gets me all excited!

In the end the pie was a little disappointing. I guess I was expecting more fizziness?

Monday, July 7, 2008

Summer Plans

Summer is a magical time. My memories of childhood summers are so drenched in good nostalgia I can hardly stand it. Unfortunately, I find that as an adult my summer passes in an air conditioned office, in the same way as the rest of the seasons. Come September I will panic, grasp at last moment summery activities, and try to jam as many cobs of corn as I can in my mouth. Today I vow not to let the summer pass me by without a more concerted effort to enjoy it. Here is Heiderhead's List of ways to put more summer in her summer.
1. Take my shoes off and walk around on the hot cement.
2. Eat more produce. Especially watermelon.
3. Spontaneous swimming activities. Despite popular opinion I can be quite spontaneous.
4. Get my neighbors, all retired folks, to play night games with me.
5. Buy Slurpees. Free Slurpee day is this Friday! Ha! Beat you to it LD.
6. Go to a rocking summer concert.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tidbits and Jealousy

Today I noted that my chewed up wad of Extra Spearmint gum was the exact shade of greeen as the post-it note I stuck it to before throwing it out.

Here are some very useful items that Tian brought back from Taiwan. She categorized them as Taiwanese Junk Greatness but I beg to differ. They don't slip nearly as much as their American counterparts and with hearts and polka dots are much more friendly looking.

I recently returned from Pamchenko's family reunion. Yes, I belong to that family too but it was her side. It was very enjoyable depsite the stomach ache that occured as a result of eating too many BYU mint brownies. I'm really glad I decided to go as everyone showed up and I wouldn't want to be known as the 'ungrateful' grandchild. Plus I got to celebrate Tian's birthday and bask in the general silliness of my siblings.

Tian has a blog. It's way better than mine. You can get there by clicking on her name in my blogger list.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My Brand of Crazy

The lovely and dark Ms. N came to visit me over the weekend. We had a great time talking. Originally her visit was going to be a camp out (I haven't been camping in Texas yet) but I had a mysterious ankle pain that would have made a trip into the wild unpleasant. As an alternative activity I tentatively suggested the Indian cinema in Irving. Been dying to get out there for some Bollywood but could never find somebody crazy enough to go with me. N. is great at being accomodating and so she and I sat in a darkened Bollywood movie theater watching song and dance in Hindi for four hours. Here is a pic of me and my Indian movie star boyfriend Shahrukh Khan.

Also on Heider's list of must-see Dallas attractions was Central Market.
We bought italian soda in Blood Orange and Pomegranate, challah, french cheese, and Truffle Pig chocolate truffles. Thankfully, N. was appropriately impressed.
We packed our delectable finds and went for a N.'s birthday picnic at White Rock Lake. There would have been birthday cupcakes from Sprinkles but we ate them all the day before.

Sushi works just as well.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

"You deserve a longer letter than this; but it is my unhappy fate seldom to treat people so well as they deserve." - Jane Austen

My beloved sister has returned from her LDS mission in Taiwan. I am overjoyed at the prospect of her visiting me in Dallas next week. As a good sister ought, I wrote to her faithfully and so we should need very little time re-acquainting ourselves. As an homage to her visit and a recap of hilarious tidbits, I plan to include a list of the best sentences she penned during her time in Asia.

Quotes from Holly's letters to her sister Heiderhead -

"Shih asked me to be her boyfriend today because things just aren't working out with the District Leader; I wonder why."

"This is my conclusion, or perhaps thesis: it is because of the pure love of Christ that we have faith, diligence, passion (that is a Holly-Christlike Attribute, not in preach my gospel), courage, obedience, etc."

[In response to her companion's reaction to the arrival of a very long letter from a rougish boy friend]"Anyway, I'm sure it gives him great delight to cause drama 7000 miles away."

"President Hsu for some reason unknown to me has Church-approved kareoke cds. How cool is that? I want that to be my next calling in the church."

"My companion is teaching me Mo li hua, a famous Chinese folk song. I have great urges to dance to it."

"How is Eve doing on her dieting? She never writes me back. Does she still have mold growing in her sinuses. Sometimes I think I have a brain tumor."

"Every girl needs an older brother to buy saucy shoes for them. It is so much better than a boyfriend because you won't break up and then have this memory of them haunting your shoes."

"For everything there is a season and a time under the heaven... and a time to dance..." Sometimes there is time to not be amazing. That is most of the time, so that when we are amazing we can realize it."